While we currently have no specific posted positions, we are always looking for volunteers who match any of the following descriptions:

– Social media contributors who can help to monitor the upcoming Twitter account, share relevant links, and interact with supporters;

– Content developers for the website, both Canada-centric and US-centric (i.e. blogging about coyotes, wolves, or coywolves, or a personal wildlife blog);

– Marketers;

– Wildlife advocates working with other agencies who would be interested in partnership;

– People who have backgrounds in giving presentations or speaking with the public;

– Researchers;

– Teachers;

– Graphic designers;

– Fundraising crew members who can help with campaigns either online or offline;

– Newsletter designers and contributors (one newsletter per month);

– Artists and writers of all backgrounds, including photographers and authors;

– Volunteers of all backgrounds to help us share our material (in print and online) and to recruit other potential volunteers, as well as helping us to hold presentations if you’re local to Ontario;

– Finally, people with a background in handling wildlife who can possibly work at our upcoming physical facility in southern Ontario. (Rabies vaccination might be necessary, so keep that in mind.)

In the spring of 2015, we will be looking for volunteers with experience in construction, budgeting, and animal care.

If you are interested in volunteering, please get in contact with us and include information about your skills and interests. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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