Wherein wild coyotes kill eight healthy adult horses? I don’t think so.

I hate to pay any attention to such obvious nonsense, but sometimes it’s worthwhile to call out fearmongering BS. Coyotes are taking down healthy adult horses? EIGHT HORSES? You might as well complain about an alien abduction along with crop circles in your field for all that I’m going to believe you. In fact, in this case it’s about just as likely that aliens did it.


I would get into more expository detail if it weren’t for the absolute absurdity of this claim.  Even wolves, being larger, wouldn’t make a good culprit because that’s not what wolves or coyotes DO.  My skepticism here should be understandable.


False Claims About Wolves, Frightful Cruelty to Wildlife in Michigan

“It turned out, according to a months-long investigation by John Barnes of the newspaper consortium MLive, that Koski had been baiting wolves with deer and cow parts and then bellyaching about wolf incidents – in addition to getting financial compensation for it. Barnes determined that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources was working hand in hand with Koski, and ‘found government half-truths, falsehoods and livestock numbers skewed by a single farmer distorted some arguments for the inaugural hunt.’ Some months after the MLive series ran in papers throughout Michigan, Koski pled guilty to animal neglect for starving guard donkeys that the state gave to him to ward off wolves.”

Read more: http://blog.humanesociety.org/wayne/2014/08/michigan-wolves-1.html