Travels in Spain – Andalucía, Mountain Roads, Brigands and Wolves

It was very remote up here, a boulder strewn landscape assaulted by the wind and the frequent squally showers. This it seemed to me was Brigand territory and I drove on half expecting that at any moment a grizzled highwayman with a shotgun and a leather cartridge belt slung across each shoulder would step out into the road and bid me stop, relieve me of my wallet and quite likely drive off with the car.

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Featured art by Samir Rafi. The topic of the ‘Wild Woman’ gets thrown around a lot these days. It no longer has that surreptitious taint of insinuations carved and bellowed from the bellies of conservative men and women. The ‘Wild Woman’ can be a hardworking mom, a mischievous daughter at play or the woman who […]

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Our library doesn’t have a coyote photo book? Then let’s print one.

Annnnnd… *drumroll*… our campaign is live!

Every donation of $50 and up receives a free copy of the book, Coyote’s Voice, which will be published either late spring or early summer 2017. Every donation of $30 and up receives a handmade coyote pawprint pendant handmade from clay, fired, and glazed by me, thanks to a friend in my home community who is teaching me to make things from clay. I can etch initials or a short word or both in the back of your pendant.

This project is unprecedented, and will change minds nationwide and internationally about coyotes and related species, such as the red wolf, the coywolf, and the eastern wolf. We need money to reimburse the photographers, so let’s get started!

Contribute to make this book a reality!

This is good. Why? Because the fat-cat businessman could be referring to rabbits, foxes, coyotes, and deer, or also to so many human populations, i.e. environmentalists, immigrants, and tribe members/anyone of Native blood, or anyone else who speaks for the trees in any manner. Even for those groups and vigilantes who fight against corporations or corporate power, or for those Natives and allies who fight to have the treaties respected.

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Wherein wild coyotes kill eight healthy adult horses? I don’t think so.

I hate to pay any attention to such obvious nonsense, but sometimes it’s worthwhile to call out fearmongering BS. Coyotes are taking down healthy adult horses? EIGHT HORSES? You might as well complain about an alien abduction along with crop circles in your field for all that I’m going to believe you. In fact, in this case it’s about just as likely that aliens did it.

I would get into more expository detail if it weren’t for the absolute absurdity of this claim.  Even wolves, being larger, wouldn’t make a good culprit because that’s not what wolves or coyotes DO.  My skepticism here should be understandable.