About Us

The Coywolf Association was first established as an idea in 2012 after we noticed a lack of positive coyote-centric pages on the internet, especially on social media, and a lack of clear information on our eastern coyotes or coywolves.

In 2013 we began organizing volunteers, strong but flexible goals, and tools for our upcoming nonprofit, having realized that not only are there no good Ontario-based or Canada-based groups showing happy pictures of LIVING coyotes, but also noticing that the eastern coyote or coywolf information that exists tends to be academic and inaccessible to the public. Because of this, myths are persistent: “Coywolves are aggressive like wolves and smart like coyotes!” “Coywolves produce coydogs, which are even more dangerous!”

The biggest danger here by far is in the misinformation these sites promote. Even worse is the media, which gleefully and inaccurately launches itself toward the throat of any story involving coywolf or coyote predation on livestock or pets. The tone is always rushed and frantic and urges people to lock their doors and keep their children inside. We’re here with different strategies in 2014 and into 2015 to counteract this dumb, bad publicity, with real-life efforts to appeal to municipalities and the provinces with actual coyote and coywolf information for schools, communities, and law enforcement/Animal Control, along with plans for a small educational animal facility and educational plans that include screenings of documentaries and school tours of our grounds.

We’re here to remind people that hazing coyotes is the best way to keep wild coyotes away from people. They’re more afraid of us than we are of them. Considering what humankind does to coyotes, they should learn to be afraid of us.


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