Our library doesn’t have a coyote photo book? Then let’s print one.

Annnnnd… *drumroll*… our campaign is live!

Every donation of $50 and up receives a free copy of the book, Coyote’s Voice, which will be published either late spring or early summer 2017. Every donation of $30 and up receives a handmade coyote pawprint pendant handmade from clay, fired, and glazed by me, thanks to a friend in my home community who is teaching me to make things from clay. I can etch initials or a short word or both in the back of your pendant.

This project is unprecedented, and will change minds nationwide and internationally about coyotes and related species, such as the red wolf, the coywolf, and the eastern wolf. We need money to reimburse the photographers, so let’s get started!

Contribute to make this book a reality!