A Carmel couple accidentally ended up with five half-coyotes as pets. Hilarity, and science, ensues.

The Attells are careful to advise against buying wild hybrids – they loved their coyote-dogs, but many people don’t, and lots of wild-domestic hybrids get put down. Like Mullally says, “They can be socialized, but they can’t be domesticated.”

Still, their pets provide some insight into what coyotes are really like.

“People think of them as being really wild and aggressive, but they’re not,” Steve says. “None of the dogs ever got into any kind of argument or scuffle.”

Molly and Steve hiked and ran with Chitsa and her brothers, Dakota and Zorba, alongside their parents, Sequoya and Captain Jack, for years.

“Dakota was the love of my life,” Molly recalls fondly.


Read more: http://www.montereycountyweekly.com/news/cover/a-carmel-couple-accidentally-ended-up-with-five-half-coyotes/article_ae858aa4-33a6-11e4-9837-0017a43b2370.html


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