New projects in the works!

It’s cold out here, in the countryside, as I type this.

Our pack of local coyotes moved on a long time ago. I haven’t heard them in a year. My hopes are that they’ve found better territory. People out here don’t like coyotes.

People out here sell illegal fireworks and use guns illegally. In residential areas, in their backyards, in their fields. Someone local confided to me that “I took a shot at a coyote today and missed. Damn it.”

Justice for persecuted species like the coyote isn’t waiting in an afterlife, and it’s not going to come from the federal government. It’s here and now. Having said that, we have three new projects potentially in the works for 2018, including a documentary! A professional documentary on the horrors of coyote trapping, poisoning, hounding, and hunting, along with some pointed commentary on the outdated, cruel fur trade. A documentary to post online, and to make available for free for coyote advocates who would like to hold showings in our own communities. Watch this space.






Travels in Spain – Andalucía, Mountain Roads, Brigands and Wolves

It was very remote up here, a boulder strewn landscape assaulted by the wind and the frequent squally showers. This it seemed to me was Brigand territory and I drove on half expecting that at any moment a grizzled highwayman with a shotgun and a leather cartridge belt slung across each shoulder would step out into the road and bid me stop, relieve me of my wallet and quite likely drive off with the car.

via Travels in Spain – Andalucía, Mountain Roads, Brigands and Wolves — Have Bag, Will Travel

Our library doesn’t have a coyote photo book? Then let’s print one.

Annnnnd… *drumroll*… our campaign is live!

Every donation of $50 and up receives a free copy of the book, Coyote’s Voice, which will be published either late spring or early summer 2017. Every donation of $30 and up receives a handmade coyote pawprint pendant handmade from clay, fired, and glazed by me, thanks to a friend in my home community who is teaching me to make things from clay. I can etch initials or a short word or both in the back of your pendant.

This project is unprecedented, and will change minds nationwide and internationally about coyotes and related species, such as the red wolf, the coywolf, and the eastern wolf. We need money to reimburse the photographers, so let’s get started!

Contribute to make this book a reality!