Coyote (Coywolf?) Pups Show Playful Side (Video) — The Wildlife Journalist®

Wild canids are special to me. On the North American front I am particularly fond of red wolves, coyotes and their hybrids the “coywolf”. The red wolf is declared extinct in the wild other than a handful of captive-bred animals that have been released into various remote areas. The reason for extinction designation was hybridization […]

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Coyotes, red foxes in United States cities — Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from North America is called Coyote and Red Fox. From PLOS magazine: Coyotes and red foxes may coexist within urban landscapes Different habitat types help partition coyote and red fox ranges in urban areas January 24, 2018 Coyotes and red foxes may select different types of habitats for their home ranges, helping them […]

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New projects in the works!

It’s cold out here, in the countryside, as I type this.

Our pack of local coyotes moved on a long time ago. I haven’t heard them in a year. My hopes are that they’ve found better territory. People out here don’t like coyotes.

People out here sell illegal fireworks and use guns illegally. In residential areas, in their backyards, in their fields. Someone local confided to me that “I took a shot at a coyote today and missed. Damn it.”

Justice for persecuted species like the coyote isn’t waiting in an afterlife, and it’s not going to come from the federal government. It’s here and now. Having said that, we have three new projects potentially in the works for 2018, including a documentary! A professional documentary on the horrors of coyote trapping, poisoning, hounding, and hunting, along with some pointed commentary on the outdated, cruel fur trade. A documentary to post online, and to make available for free for coyote advocates who would like to hold showings in our own communities. Watch this space.